UNEINS – Carnival of Couture!

UNEINS is a brainchild of German-born designer Linda Förstner who founded the label in 2013 in Helsinki. The roots of UNEINS hail from the urban landscapes of Berlin and Helsinki but the inspiration behind the label is sourced from the Scandinavian nature and spirituality of Finnish Lapland.

The eco-luxury label UNEINS is a real delight for the lovers of innovative cuts, luxurious fabrics and expert tailoring. Not to forget sleek silhouettes and surprising accents! The designer herself calls it conscious avantgarde luxury wear.

UNEINS is a German word that means to differ, to stand out. The label’s philosophy is to offer a premium aesthetics fashion that prioritises the longevity and high aesthetics of the garments, rather than the fast cycles of an often artificial industry.

We asked the designer couple of questions and she was happy to share the story behind UNEINS with us.



Photo: Anja Koppitsch


How did you come up with the idea behind UNEINS?

The idea of having my own brand has been there already throughout my studies, both in Germany and Finland. I have always been intrigued by the powerful bond between fashion and people. There is an emotional attachment that we develop with our wardrobe and we allow for design to reflect our personality, thoughts, memories and moods. I find this inspiring and challenging at the same time and so I wanted to create a brand that offers a balance of familiar and new, of classic and boldly avant-garde. I sought to create premium quality clothing that liberates people from passing trends, and allows them to be their own selves.

For what kind of woman are the UNEINS garments made for?

The woman wearing UNEINS is modern, creative and dresses intelligently. She believes in quality and invests in conscious consumption without compromising design aesthetics. We see UNEINS as a brand for a new generation of urban women that indulge in resolved luxury experience. Our women seek design with unique handwriting, eloquent vibe and transparent, measurable value.




AW 16/17 – Solstice

The AW16 collection of UNEINS is called Solstice, an astronomical event appearing twice a year marking the lightest point of summer and the darkest of winter.

The collection continues the signature line of the label portraying glamour, elegancy and attention to details. Besides the luxurious materials the collection features flattering combinations such as soft leather and delicate flower print. The tones and materials mix together perfectly. Or what do you think about this soft wool mohair coat combined with the delicate lavender colour?




Where did the inspiration for this collection come from?

Living in Finland, you become very aware of the changes in light throughout the year and this is the underlying inspiration of print and colours in the collection. The colours range from deep black, dark blue over warm brown and hints of green to light lavender and whites. The digital print of the collection twirls these extremes through a liquified graphite stone structure like a standstill time lapse. One of the core materials of the collection is shearling, a remain from the most traditional way of life during cold winters, complemented with pure mohair, printed wool and soft lamb leather.


What’s next for UNEINS? Any interesting projects coming up?

A lot of new developments are ahead of us. We had a strong season in Berlin Fashion Week and Capsule Paris. Next is Future Labels in Seoul in mid-November. We are also joining a young and very driven Swedish showroom Anothamista for their debut of curated brand showcasing in December. Other than that, we are working on something bigger and better than we have dared tackle so far in the domain of slow fashion. But that is yet to come in the very near future, so stay tuned!